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A human rights program that discusses the issues of the Coptic file with courage without any red lines and hosts the dignitaries concerned with the Coptic affairs in all its aspects. It also monitors the most important events on the scene through its correspondents around the world and follows all the important files until it reaches its reality by declaring its permanent slogan " Who owns his right owns his freedom "
Aqbat Misr
Presented by: Fady Youssef
Maak ya Rab
Hayatna Ekhteyarna
Hamasat Aber
Beda' wa Hartakat
Ala Madar al Sa'a
Beiny wa Beinkom
Sarkha wa amal
Hyaty Fi Ktaby
Hewar wa Resala
Daleel C Sat
Andy Eman
Es'al ma'a Mera

Qalb So3'ayar

Aqbat Misr